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The definition of a coffee pot is a vessel used to brew or make coffee. These come in many different styles and offer various ways to produce the desired brew.

Drip Maker

The most widely used coffee pot today is the drip maker. These work by placing coffee in a filter and placing it inside of the container which holds water. The water is heated and pumped through the coffee where it then drips into the pot below. Water temperature is controlled internally to maintain a temperature just below boiling. Boiling coffee tends to produce a bitter taste which is undesirable to most people. These drip pots come with many features which include clocks, alarms, and delayed timers. Most offer the benefit of setting the timer to go off about the time you usually get up in the morning. It is very pleasing to wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.


Another popular type coffee pot is the percolator. Percolators work by pumping water into the container holding the coffee until the desired result is achieved. The coffee stays in the same container in which it is brewed. A basket keeps the dry coffee from being deposited into the coffee container. Percolators were popular in the 1970s and 80s before the drip maker became the coffee maker of choice. Percolators are still used today to produce large quantities of coffee since the drip maker usually has a limit of twelve cups.


Many people still enjoy the tradition of vacuum coffee pots because the pots offer interesting shapes and designs. These pots work on the theory that steam creates a vacuum which draws the water and steam through the coffee grounds without distributing the grounds throughout the coffee. The process is similar to the percolator with the exception of the repeated pumping action required of the percolator.

Coffee Pot Safety

There were times when coffee pots were made with long cords which would reach from a good distance across the room. This became a hazard to children who were playing on the floor. Many young children were burned when they pulled the pot off in the floor and the coffee splashed on them. Today coffee pots usually come with a short cord that will only allow you to use it close to an electrical outlet. It is important that you not use an extension cord since this could allow small children to get hurt.

It is also important that your home coffee pot be equipped with a timer that will automatically shut off after a certain period of time, usually two hours. This could prevent a fire if you forget to turn the pot off before you leave the house. This feature can give you peace of mind when you remember half way through your day that you left the coffee pot on.