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For most people the morning routine will include a cup or two of coffee. It has become so ingrained into many peoples morning routine that they feel depleted and agitated if they don?t get their usual dose of caffeine. We have somehow convinced ourselves that we need caffeine to wake us up and keep us going.

For most of us we don?t normally correlate a regular caffeine fix with an addiction like smoking or drugs but in reality is it really any different. The definition of an addiction is described as a strong emotional dependence on a substance such as alcohol or drugs that has progressed beyond voluntary control. So if you tried to stop drinking coffee for any short period of time and found yourself craving for it then you might just have yourself an addiction.

So is caffeine really all that bad for you in the first place?
Here are some common side effects of caffeine consumption:


Caffeine can affect your sleep by keeping you awake longer, thereby shortening the amount of sleep you get, and giving you less time in the restorative stages of sleep, which takes a toll on your level of alertness the next day and overall health.


Many experts believe that increased levels of cortisol lead to stronger cravings for fat and carbohydrates, and cause the body to store fat in the abdomen.


If caffeine elevates levels of cortisol and other hormones for a temporary boost, after caffeine wears off, the body can feel fatigued and feelings of mild to moderate depression can set in. This can make physical activity more difficult.

So if its time for you to give the caffeine habit a miss then here are some helpful tips:

1. Go cold turkey. Why not mentally ban yourself from caffeine products for one full day. Go an hour by hour proposition and in a few days you wouldn't know that you ever were addicted to caffeine.

2. Replace your coffee with something non-caffeine based. There are numerous drinks nowadays that are caffeine free. Why not shop around at your local supermarket next time you do your weekly shopping and pick them up. That way instead of reaching for the usual cup of coffee in the morning you can condition yourself to start your day with something refreshing that is free of the caffeine stimulant.

3. Change your mental perception of coffee. They say half the battle is won in the mind. You need to realize that the feeling you perceive that you get from the caffeine is partly due to your mental conditioning. Why not take up a yoga class or a meditation course that will give you the confidence to go through the day without having to rely on a stimulant like coffee to keep you going.

If these tips don't quit convince you of the benefits of kicking your caffeine addiction. Then think of the financial savings you will get. If a cup of coffee costs say $2 per cup and you have 2 cups per day every day for 365 days of the year then your annual coffee consumption not including other drinks like cola will amount to an annual saving of $1460. Think of the many things you can buy with that savings and this could turn out to be an added motivation for you to quit.