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Black Coffee - The Most Popular Drink

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Studies show that throughout the world, people consume more than 330 million cups of coffee each and every day. This makes black coffee the most popular drink after water and soda. It even beats tea as people’s favorite drink. As such, black coffee is the third favorite beverage of people throughout the world.

Black coffee is still one of the most appreciated beverages of all times; this is mainly because it tastes so wonderful and its aroma is so tantalizing. As such, black coffee has a way in which it is able to take your spirits to the highest levels possible. It does not matter what time of day or night it is; coffee knows no time limits. You will want to drink it anytime anywhere, which is why this is such a great drink for all occasions.

It is interesting to note that there are more than 40 different types of coffee plants; the most popular varieties are “Arabica” and “Coffee Robusta.” Arabica coffee beans are actually considered to be superior in quality to Robusta coffee beans. For this reason, Robusta beans are what are usually used for mass production.

There are several ways in which coffee can be prepared with espresso being the most popular way. Regardless of the method, coffee is prepared by forcing the steam that comes from boiling water through the finely ground coffee beans. As such, the preparation time for espresso is a lot shorter than it is for regular coffee.

Tips to Help You Make the Best Black Coffee Possible

When making coffee, use cold water for brewing so it gets a fresher, richer taste. Ideally, try to use purified or bottled spring water to make your coffee. Clean your coffee machine thoroughly before and after each use. The filters and brewers should also be cleaned regularly. Remember that dirt, contaminated oils and grinds have a tendency of building up over the course of time. A lot of people prefer black coffee. However, you can make this type of coffee a lot creamier and give it a richer look by adding milk or non-dairy creamer varieties available in a myriad of flavors such as French vanilla and hazelnut. If you like such coffee, then you should take some time to give espresso a try.

The only complain coffee drinkers have with their beverage of choice is that they need their ‘coffee fix’ and how they feel lost if they can not get it. Even caffeine is not a big issue as many coffee lovers have switched to decaf varieties; it’s just the aroma and the feelings associated with coffee that make it so popular across the globe.