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Coffee is consumed daily by over 60 per cent of people worldwide. This statistics only mean that more than half of the adult population need different machines, coffee makers and mugs to make, store and drink coffee in. Coffee mugs serve their purpose by allowing you to drink hot coffee without burning yourself.

Every coffee lover has his or her set of brewing accessories, coffee maker and of course, a favorite coffee mug. Your coffee mugs can be personalized with your name, picture, quotes and other items. Coffee mugs are one of the most common gift items in stores because you can personalize them. You can find different colors, sizes and designs of mugs to fit your style or your loved one’s personality.


Different materials are used in manufacturing coffee mugs. These include porcelain, plastic, glass and stainless steel. The size, shape and material variables create a wide range of options for the vast coffee-drinking population.

Coffee mugs made of plastics and stainless steel are usually used to manufacture hybrid mugs. Most manufacturers use stainless steel for the outer cup lined with durable plastic. These mugs with lids, also known as “traveling cups”, are ideal for heavy coffee drinking because they designed to be break and spill-resistant.

Porcelain coffee mugs work by holding the heat properly. Unfortunately, these kinds of do not come with lids to keep hot drinks from spilling. Although these mugs are easy to break, it is ideal for people who only drink coffee once a day. However, for frequent travels and heavy coffee drinkers, you may want to consider another kind of mug.


Choosing the appropriate size and shape of your mug is important. Generally, manufacturers produce mugs for no smaller than 12 ounces (standard serving size for liquid drinks). If you’re a coffee addict, you need to choose larger mugs, ranging from 12 to 20 ounces, to accommodate your coffee-drinking lifestyle.


There are numerous shapes available for coffee mugs – from traditional 12-ounce porcelain mugs, to large traveling mugs that even resemble tall drinking glasses. Be aware that the shape of your mug will affect how comfortable or awkward your grip on the mug will be when drinking coffee.

Regardless of design, materials, shape or size you chose, coffee mugs available in the market are designed to fit any consumer. Whether you wish for a stylish mug or you are looking for a functional and portable mug, a durable mug can make a huge difference to your drinking experience.