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With the number of choices in coffee that are available to consumers it only makes sense that coffee cups are also a large seller among consumers. Most people have a favorite coffee cup and why that cup is a favorite is a matter of personal preference and function for the coffee drinker. When choosing a coffee cup for yourself you must consider both your lifestyle and your taste.

What Kind of Coffee Cup Is Right for Me?

If you are a one cup a day coffee drinker then itís not too difficult to grab whatever coffee cup that is in the kitchen cupboard and fill it with coffee. However, if you drink coffee like most Americans then you need more than just any old cup; you need one that fits both your personality and your coffee drinking habits.

Coffee Cup Travel Choices

Travel coffee cups are becoming increasingly popular among coffee drinkers because they are able to keep the coffee warm a bit longer than a regular cup and they are made to be taken in the car or wherever you might be headed without making a mess. The travel coffee cup is also a good choice for parents with small children as it reduces the risk of a child grabbing a hot coffee cup and burning themselves because the travel coffee cup has a lid that fits securely.

Traditional Coffee Cup Choices

For the more traditional coffee drinker there is always the good heavy coffee cup to bring about feelings of comfort and peace. A stoneware coffee cup helps keep the coffee warm yet is still warm to the touch on a cold winter morning. It is not recommended to put very hot coffee in a porcelain or thin material cup due to risk of burns. If you are going to choose a coffee cup that isnít a heavy material always be careful when picking it up as the heat can reach the outside of the coffee cup very quickly.

When choosing a coffee cup that you will be using on a regular basis, make a point of choosing material, color, and the ability to fit in your hand comfortably. This is because in a way this is about to become a long term relationship for you and you want something that you will be able to cherish and enjoy for many cups of coffee to come.