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The organic food movement has grown steadily over the years, with sales increasing several times over that of non-organic food. For those who are into drinking coffee, you may be tempted to buy organic coffee and join this revolution. For those of you who are not convinced, there are some good reasons to buy organic coffee that you may want to look into. Organic coffee is good for the environment and better for you than regular coffee.

What Makes Coffee Organic?

Organic coffee is grown without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers, using natural methods instead. The theory behind this is that organics will pollute the environment less with is production than regular, commercially-grown coffee. For those interested in taking care of the planet, purchasing organic coffee is a way to feel good about your purchases and to feel confident that youíre encouraging environmentally-friendly methods of production.

Organic Coffee Benefits

For most people, their main exposure to pesticides is through diet, and drinking organic coffee and eating other organic foods can help reduce the amount of pesticides you ingest. The health benefits of this are still being studied, but in general, reducing the number of foreign chemicals in your body is a good thing. On the other hand, for those who want both sides, itís worth noting that there can be natural chemicals in organics that are still bad for you.

Purchasing Organic Coffee

When you go shopping for organic coffee, keep in mind that the price is going to be higher. Organic growing methods cost more, in general, than traditional methods, and the farmers that produce them usually come from smaller farms, so they cannot make their prices up in volume. So expect to pay more for organic coffee than for the usual brand you buy.

Also, before you purchase your organic coffee, make sure that it is certified by the National Organic Program. By doing so, you will ensure that the coffee you get is truly organic and not merely claiming to be. Most supermarkets have an organics section now, but if you canít find organic coffee there, try to find a specialty supermarket to serve your needs for organics. What youíll find when you purchase organic coffee is that the flavor of your favorite brew is not lost due to the growing method, but youíll be doing your part to help the health of the earth and of yourself.