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Through the years, coffee has been that quick and easy beverage that offered a kick but very few options other than cream or sugar. As the consumer has become more sophisticated; so has his coffee. Instead of simply a choice of brewed or instant, coffee now comes in just about any flavor, strength or combination to please even the pickiest of drinkers. Instead of being a rare treat, more and more coffee drinkers keep gourmet coffee stocked in their cupboard for any and all occasions.

Where Do I Buy Gourmet Coffee?

Gourmet coffee is readily available in most grocery stores as well as café’s but the easiest way to buy and get the best selection and price is by doing a search on the internet. There are many gourmet coffee websites available with something for any taste along with a price range from fairly inexpensive to over $100 a pound.

Does Gourmet Coffee Make a Good Gift?

Gourmet coffee makes a great gift - in fact many couples are adding it to their bridal registry! Gourmet coffee gifts are always a hit for housewarming or business gifts as well. Many coffee makers even offer their own gift registry along with gift baskets that include not only the gourmet coffee but also accessories to go along with it. Once again these gifts can range from under $20 to well into the hundreds of dollars depending on what kind of gift you want.

It is pretty clear with all of the gourmet coffee houses that are springing up on almost every street corner of every main business and college town that gourmet coffee is not only here to stay but is also good business. Starbucks comes out in the top ten most popular stocks on a regular basis and over the holidays they are as packed as any department store with shoppers looking for the perfect gift.

Gourmet coffee is not just for special occasions anymore and with the wide variety available there is no reason that you can’t enjoy a cup in the morning, at your desk or when sitting back and watching television. Look around and try out some the many varieties that are available until you find the gourmet coffee that is right for you. You are sure to find at least one favorite but it is more likely you will find several to suit your many moods.